Monday, April 28, 2008

Neighbors and Celebrations

If you prefer town to country, neighbors will impact your life at some level. I have had many, some half forgotten, others memorable either because they were the worst or the best. I can safely state that I had the worst: a psychotic couple who obsessed about every aspect of our lives. Their behavior was so extreme as to drive a police detective to confide to me, "If they'd been my neighbors, I'd have shot them". Coming from the force it struck me as hilarious and provided the only comic relief in an otherwise dreadful situation.
I stayed clear from murder and have been handsomely rewarded. I now have THE nicest neighbors imaginable right across the street from me.
One of them celebrated a birthday this past weekend and I baked him a special "chocolate and more chocolate cake".

I found the recipe HERE and it looked like this:

I liked the combination of the very dense chocolate cake and the lightness of the mousse. I failed the chocolate curls test so I decorated the sides with home made candied orange peel instead. There were no complaints. I may re-name it ''The Good Neighbor Cake".


Kate G. said...

Care to share the recipe? I'll have Jim (the family chef) try it. It looks delicious!

Françoise said...

Hi Kate, if you click on "here" in the text, the recipe will pop right up. If I did the mousse again I would drop a few drops of orange essence.