Monday, May 19, 2008


HOT in Portland! The garden, le chat Gris and I are lovers of temperate weather. In the nineties, the pink peony dropped all its petals, the callas fainted to the ground and we knew just how they felt. One brave white peony barely made it through the heat wave.

HOT crowds for Obama on Sunday! They came on foot, on public transportation, on bikes and on boats, all 75,000 of them, to stand and cheer in the hot sun. Oregonians are thrilled that, for the first time in 40 years, their votes will actually make a difference in the choice for Democratic nominee; a record number of votes is expected tomorrow.

HOT yellow T-shirts to alert one and all that the Portland chapter of No More Victims is preparing to welcome Mustafa and his father in July.

He will be here for several weeks and, in the best case scenario, will return home to Fallujah with a new leg and repaired abdominal damage.

Yes, we do accept donations at No More Victims . Spread the word, and maybe you could consider starting a chapter in your community if there isn't one already . . .

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texasblu said...

It's organizations like No More Victims that warm the heart.