Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1st Resolutions

I skipped the traditional New Year list but in mid-year I need to get a grip and straighten out. So here goes:

* no letting my desk get like this

* stop ignoring chores indefinitely

* plant flowers before they die

* decide on the new color for the living room walls

* draw for 30 minutes e-ve-ry day

* organize loose recipes

* no surfing amazon till the TBR stack is down to 2

* ONE garden/deco mag a month

* simplify, and smell the roses . . .


I need orange said...

Love your selection of paint colors.

I checked a book on Whistler out of the library. Some of the sketches were done on tan paper. Lots of tan, some black, some turquoise, some red........... Not the colors I typically work in, but I thought -- how inviting for a room's look............

I haven't done any more than think about it, but seeing your rusty red and dusty blue.............

Maybe I will.

Françoise said...

Thank you. I am still in a quandary about colors. Saw your blog with its wonderful flowers. If it would just stop raining for 5 minutes, I'd be able to put more irises and many roses on the blog. Not relief in sight, alas.
Good luck with your living room!

texasblu said...

Oh! I need those June resolutions too! :D

Thanks for commenting on my blog today - I think you're right about the poppy. I looked some blues up online - WOW!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

That's a very impressive list! I am afraid that several should be on my list, too:)

PS I checked out Yarnstorm. What a wonderful blog. Thank you for referring me. Love the feet:)

DavidT said...

How charming! And humorus. My little secret is that I like to have one place in the house, my desk, that is just a bit of a mess,a jumble of layers of found objects, yesterday's mail, books and forgotten lists of things to do. One should be allowed at least one messy corner. I love your blog!