Monday, June 23, 2008

On Melissa's Impending Visit

Melissa of the inspired room is coming to my house through the wondrous ways of blog surfing. From My Marrakech, a truly divine site, to Cote (translation: assessment, mark or altitude, take your pick) de Texas, where uncomfortable opinions are risky, I arrived at Melissa's lovely blog.

Her bio revealed she is a color consultant, and one e-mail later we discovered we each live on opposite sides of the mighty Columbia. I was elated. Having for weeks debated over the color/style of my living and dining room walls (and bored friends, neighbors and family with this triviality), I sensed a solution. One more e-mail and a date was agreed upon. This coming Wednesday.

I quite liked the faux finish but it's been 8 years. And I only want to paint those two walls. The open plan is the problem: each wall leads to another with no door to separate the spaces if you see what I mean. I could end up having to repaint the whole house. NO, non, no way.

and what about this eyesore?

So, I will listen to her ideas with an open mind, a closed mouth, and new eyes. She will drop an inspired pearl of wisdom in my ear and I'll *know*. Then, perhaps we will have tea, coffee or wine in the rose garden and get to know each other a little.
If you care to know more, stay tuned. If you don't give damn, who can blame you? Not I.

P.S. Please, Melissa, don't feel any pressure, really . . .


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh how fantastic. Lucky you!

Jill, Joe & Foxy said...

Your house and colors look very nice...I really love what you did with the old sofa.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love the leather chair! Can't wait to see the new colors!

Kate G. said...

Can Melissa come to Colorado for a color consultation when she's done at your house?

Tomate Farcie said...

Françoise, merci pour la visite chez moi et aucun problème pour la photo. Cependant l'affiche d'Obama n'est pas en Chinois, elle est juste collee sur une autre affiche avec des lettres asiatiques dessus et je ne sais pas du tout ce que c'est.

Les tomates commerciales ont souvent le gout d'eau, je trouve, surtout les plus grosses. Les toutes petites, ou celles qui viennent avec un morceau de vigne, ça va encore. Encore ici on a de la chance, il y a pas mal de vente directe sur les marches (Farmers Market)

Dites, c'est bien joli chez vous!