Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Right out of the sixties": Russian Dump Chicken

The daughter of a superb cook, I literally never boiled an egg while living at home. The kitchen was my parents' domain and hangers-on were not welcome unless dirty dishes needed to be tackled. In my early days in the US, when I was learning all at once to be a wife, a soon-to-be mother, an English speaker and a cook, my Bible was "The Good Housekeeping Cookbook" with its comfortingly simple open-a-package-of-biscuit-mix directions; versatile Bisquick was a staple in my kitchen cabinet for years.

One recipe at a time, I discovered I liked to cook and soon acquired enough self-confidence to experiment with recipes starting from scratch. Later, Julia Child re-introduced me to the food of my youth and my repertoire grew to a respectable choice of palatable menus for all occasions.

The "Dump Chicken recipes" are a flashback to the days when "organic" was a science textbook word and "cuisine" meant kitchen in French: simple, fast and tasty despite an absolutely non-PC list of ingredients!

My feedback on the Russian version:
Super easy to put together (after you have hunted down the one bottle of Russian dressing on the supermarket shelves). I baked the chicken in a covered dish so the final result was probably altered. The sauce was fruity but a little too sweet for my taste, I would substitute chopped dried apricots for the jam and add a good pinch or two of pumpkin spice to the mix; the chicken was very tender and tasty. I froze the leftovers for another last minute meal!


Two Crofters said...

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thanks for your comment - we are all well, pups both growing at an alarming rate!!!
if the seller was olive and harry - then that is me :)
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Cote de Texas said...

Did you enjoy eating this chicken - once alive - terrified as it was killed by having its neck snapped - feathers removed - then burned to a crisp in an oven ? just wondering.