Monday, August 11, 2008

A Better Life for Mustafa Abed

I posted some information on Mustafa Abed a while back (May 19,2008) and you will find more on him and other children like him on the No More Victims home page right here
. . . and updated information on Mustafa on this page

Regardless of your position on the war in Iraq, I believe that no reader of my blog would remain unmoved by the terrible consequences for so many children caught in harm's way.

While waiting for Mustafa and his father to receive permission to travel to the US, volunteers in Portland, OR have lined up doctors, hospitals, housing, translators, drivers, a whole support system to make the trip as carefree and as successful as possible.

The visas finally came and they will arrive later this month. Until Mustafa has undergone a series of preliminary examinations, it will be difficult to say what surgeries will follow or how long he and his father will need to stay with us in Portland. What we do know is that even with the generous donation of expertise on the part of the medical community, it will be expensive. If you can spare even a small amount, it would be put to good use. If not, perhaps you would send good wishes for Mustafa's future.

If you think it appropriate, feel free to pass the word!


Barbara said...

Francoise I'm sending good wishes to Mustafa. I hope he will not suffer pain. I always think how difficult it must be for little ones to understand pain. And I hope his father will share some of his local food knowledge with you

Jojo said...

Being new to your blog I had no idea that you lived in Portland. My daughter lives there as well and is in a small band. As I was reading this I was thinking to myself, what if Mimi and her group could organize a benefit performance with proceeds going to help support this long process for Mustafa and his family. Please let me know what you think about this idea. Once I get your thoughts, I will email Mimi and see if this is something that they can arrange in their performance schedule!

Françoise said...

Jojo, I left a message on your blog but it hasn't appeared so this may be somewhat of a repeat.
In any case, thank you *so much* for your response. I am leaving for France soon but my neighbor Maxine, who is one of the main organizers, would love the idea IF your daughter had the time and inclination to help.
She can contact me at:
and I'll see to it that she gets in touch with the right people.
what fun that she is here! Portland is a good place for young musicians,or so I am told. It may all be based on the success of Pink Martini.
I look forward to hearing from her if she is interested.