Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Morning Company

He is 5 going on six and looking forward to first grade because he loves school.
Every other Saturday morning while his mother cleans where I no longer can, he and I keep company.

We read Dr Seuss Early Readers and he is a natural there, making all the right connections instinctively. At the end of the morning he borrows the book to read it again at home.

Today I got out a box of blocks and little cars and he has been building for 1 ½ hour, talking in English to himself and to me, "Look what I did!" and "That's real high!"

Till now. "I am ready to read the new book," he just announced.

Bright, attentive, motivated, not to mention funny and adorable, he is the face of America's future!


miss cottrell said...

hi dear fwat
i was just looking for any of your lovely travel articles. and here i find you and all your wonderful posts. it's nice to hear what's going on with you. i miss you, but now i can check in on you.

Françoise said...

How lovely to find you on my blog! Especially after my long battle with France Telecom. Do you have a blog too?x