Monday, September 22, 2008

France 2

What with friends to entertain, projects to complete, a bit of shopping to do, and plans for next summer, it was hard to find time to blog in France. All the same we had a great time crisscrossing the countryside, sampling the local wines and food and indulging in reading French magazines (me), writing mounds of postcards (my friend Christiane) and exploring the village (my friend Eleni). We talked and talked and laughed, ate late leisurely dinners at home and out, and have pictures to prove it!
Interested? Go to my flick'r page and check "French Food 2008". We seemed to have concentrated on Atlantic fish - a treat for me living now on the Pacific coast - and desserts.

One happy guest!


Jill, Joe and Foxy said...

The photos of the food make me very hungry.

glad you back.

ewoman said...

Ahh, the taste of the food is still on my lips. You're not only a great hostess but your blog is a delight. And yes, every last lick of the spoon was bliss.

Anonymous said...

Eleni you look beautiful!

isa said...

I should not have looked at that album while I was hungry. We should cook together over the holidays je pense…