Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where in the world is she?

In Belgium and in France, that's where.

I had planned regular entries while in Belgium and France but a snafu with France Telecom left me disconnected till 2 days ago! GRRRRR!

So here are some notes and pictures from my week in Brussels.

The big event was the female cousins get together to celebrate the birthday of our common ancestor, Christine Henry, born in 1827. We ate, drank, reminisced and shared family stories. It was a great success. Counting every head present and absent, she has 27 direct female descendants alive.

The other highlight for me was getting to know Jill from Charades in Belgium face to face. We sat and chatted at a café, a bock away from where I grew up.

Cute little Foxy was on the alert for any dog that might trespass into our space.

Brussels is a gastronomical paradise and I made the most of it, including a great lunch at my cousin Natacha who grows delicious fruit and vegetables in her Brussels garden.

BBQ duck, fresh baked zucchinis and 2 kinds of potatoes, Mmmm

Tomorrow, pictures from France ...

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Jill, Joe and Foxy said...

Glad your back blogging! it was a nice afternoon we spent together.