Monday, November 24, 2008

Blood Red + Pale Yellow = Green??

Never one to waste food, I found a use for 3 blood oranges and a banana past their prime: turn them into muffins.

I dragged out my Sunset cookbook published in the age of Aquarius to check the recipe for "Sunshine (what else?) Muffins".

True to its age, it calls for honey and wheat germ neither of which was on hand. Never mind, I skipped the wheat germ and substituted a mixture of white and brown sugar instead of honey.

I followed with the usual creaming of butter, sugar and eggs and added flour. So far so good.
Then I added half a cup of bright red orange juice to the basic creamed mix which curdled on the spot. Bother. I went on anyway adding the flour mix and after a good beating it seemed smooth enough to me. So in went the mashed banana, a pinch of cinnamon and grated orange zest . Finally, I threw in some raisins and the last of a bag of walnuts for good measure and the mixture was ready to pour into my new red silicone muffins cups.

True, it looked a bit grayish but I thought nothing of it. Into the oven for 25 minutes and then out they came . . . GREEN. Uh,uh.
As pistachio muffins they would have been perfect, as Sunshine muffins, very strange to say the least.

Still, they tasted perfectly normal, with the expected mingled flavors of orange, banana and cinnamon. My friendly neighbors had one each then took more home. And today we are all three still healthy and well.

What alchemy took place, I wonder? What chemical reaction did the heat precipitate inside my oven? I'll never know, I suppose, unless one of you readers can clue me in.


Jojo said...

Yum! I know you are enjoying the family but stopping by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Isa said...

That is hysterical, that color!
It made me laugh out loud. Did they taste all right?