Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Brrrrrrr in Portland

There are 4 snowplows in Portland which means that on our street no one went to work today. After a week of steady snow and freezing, it's just not safe to drive unless you have chains or snow tires. Most of us have neither.

I stocked up in a big way a week ago and had to try 8 times before my car finally mastered the very gentle slope at the end of my street. Except for occasional bouts of cabin fever, I have been content to stay home.

It's really pretty outside.

My blue fence is a welcome splash of color against the winter grays . . .

But I like this black and white look, too.

Wherever you may be, readers and lurchers, I hope you are warm and safe.



Kate G. said...

My goodness, you have more snow in Portland than we do in the foothills of the Rockies!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It looks just beautiful. Cold, but beautiful!

Edward and I send along wishes for a most Happy Christmas!!

Jojo said...

Dear Friend,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! My daughter got stuck in Portland and couldn't come home for Christmas but I think we have overcome the sadness and she will be enjoying the snowy city. I am taking a blogging break but look forward to catching up in January.

Jojo said...

I just got your note. We are leaving for the airport in a couple of hours but I will be thinking of you. Our Christmas is like no other as well but we have decided to plan a celebration in March when we can all be together. The day just isn't the same without being with family.

We are looking forward to seeing our family in Lebanon. I haven't been back to Beirut since 1994 - much will be changed. We will also be spending 4 days in Jordan and being focused on travel helped me make it through the days before Christmas without my kids.

Sending you warm wishes and many blessings. May the snow melt quickly in hopes of some New Year family time!

Sally's Chateau said...

Hope you had a peaceful Christmas, we actually had snow here too but it didn't last long, plenty on the Pyrenees though although I'm a sun person myself !!