Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Tourist at Home

When I was growing up in post-war Brussels the concept of children holidaying abroad was unheard of, and what’s more excursions outside the city was few and far between. Summer had women of the family gathered with the children in an apartment at the seaside for a couple of weeks and I enjoyed a string of wonderful month-long summer camp courtesy of the YWCA. By the time I reached 21 most of Belgium was still foreign to me.

Now that our lives have taken a new turn, Michel is my travel guide in my own country. This fall we took a canal trip on a cool sunny day on this boat

Until the canal met the Schelde on its way to Antwerp and the North Sea.

Along the canal new pricey apartments with a view mingle with much older houses

but old village churches and buildings are still very much present.


Jill and Foxy said...

I never took the boat tours I always thought they would be fun. Thanks for sharing.

Kate G said...

What a wonderful way to see the country. Although we took canal tours in Amsterdam and Copenhagen, it never occurred to us to do it in Belgium.