Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hot and Cold at Year's End

On Monday morning we were having a delicious breakfast while basking in the sun in Encinitas, CA

Yesterday, Tuesday, I got caught in a snowstorm in Portland, OR. It was very pretty but bit tense when it came to driving home.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's that Most Special Day of the Year

On December 6th I remember how Saint Nicolas came bearing the simple presents of my childhood. In exchange for the carrots and potatoes we left by the hearth for his burdened donkey, we arose to find the plate filled with small fruit and little pink pigs made of marzipan. With the hope we had been good enough most of the year, our slippers had been set next to the donkey’s treats awaiting our present. He never failed to leave me the box of colored pencils, or the book, or the doll I yearned for. They were modest presents by today’s standards, but in post-war Europe they were treasures and received as such.

On December 6th, 1911, my mother Georgette Marguerite Marie Rocher was born in Brussels. Upon falling in love with her, my father re-christened her Mahaut, a name now belonging to my granddaughter, Isa Mahaut. Happy birthday Maman, wherever you may be.

On December 6th, 1970, we brought home two-year old Amy, our new daughter, to be a sister to three older brothers. She was certainly the best present that any Saint Nicolas or Santa (she was born on Christmas Day) ever gave me!

On December 6th 2008, a phone call woke me up at 2:37 am that brought back into my life a long, long lost love who shares this day with me.

Merci Saint Nicolas for all these gifts!