Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Is Here

Early spring is with us!

The gardeners are out planting, weeding, dividing and exchanging plants. This is the best time of year for me though maintaining the garden is becoming more of a liability than a pleasure. I try to simplify, if only the weeds would do the same!
The front yard now minus the huge liquid amber with devoured light and water, needs to be re-thought. So I planted three landscape roses called "Baby Blanket". Fingers crossed. Then I took pictures so I will remember where to add bulbs next fall.

Today I planted nasturtiums, fed the roses and made a lengthy mental list of "things to do in the garden". I keep my eyes open for aphids, slugs and centipedes, all my "bêtes noires" regardless of their color. I am aiming for zero tolerance this year.

I never cared for lawns and mine will become an attractive display of gravel and river rocks in the next few days. Add a crisp new garden umbrella, new cushions for the chairs in front and back,et voilà, a new look for 2010.


Jojo said...

Your photography is awesome! I have never cared for lawn and would love to do away with all the manicuring it requires. We have only a little but I could do with none at all!

Kate G said...

Your pictures have inspired me to start planning our new garden. For the first time ever, we have a west-facing back yard, so I don't need to scour the garden shops for shade plants!