Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth and Brigitte

Growing up in the fifties
meant that we were
expected to suppress our natural wish to behave like the sexy beauty on the left and model ourselves on the pure beauty on the right.

Unable to achieve
either  Elizabeth's
steaming sexual freedom,
or Brigitte's (supposed) innocence, we reached adulthood in a state of semi-virginal frustration about our looks and bodies.

As decades passed,
Elizabeth and Brigitte had a strings of problems of their own.
Now beautiful Elizabeth is gone and kittenish Brigitte is crippled and in pain.
 Looks and money failed to bring them lasting peace and happiness.
While I wouldn't have minded their financial freedom, 
neither voluptuous nor virginal,
I am content with my own ordinary self

1 comment:

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Dear Elizabeth.
No one ever looked better in a slip, did they?